i'm back in fairfax... well i leave tomorrow/today. i just got back in from seeing pretty much everyone (except for frank). gahh carrie got a new car... and its a 2000 nissan champagne coloured sentra. also known as the same car as me. i was driving the altima tonight, which is the sucks. but we all had sunflower, and brian and amber didn't really like it... at all. then we went to the hookah bar and afterwards saw the rocky horror picture show at university mall. maya didn't come for that, she went to shawns/seans. aww they're cute together. plus they started out with communication, instead of getting drunk... fucking.... and then trying to form a relationship on that basis. i dunno what's going to go on with mark and maya. i think they're friendship is stretched, and he still likes her, but shes moved on. it hurts him, and he was like kirking out tonight. he's trying to quit smoking. i wonder how long this will last.

i'm still forming my opinions about school. i still haven't started my classes, so i can't really determine my feelings. i'm oversaturated with people. it feels like i made too many friends, that just seem too friendly, and thats not comfortable with me. like coming back this weekend, just made me realize how much i miss this place. its well nice if you aren't in high school. i think i'll see how i feel after the first semester. i may want to transfer to vcu, but we'll see. i think coming this weekend, just made me realize how this is like my comfort place. mostly i'm going to miss my friends. its taken quite a while to find solid friends, and to form good relationships with them. and sva will lack that, because it takes a good amount of time to make good friends, and they just develope. i hope people come visit me.

oh, so i also decided that i really like amber. it was like the first time i really talked to her tonight, and she is so nice. but i'm heading off to bed (i slept an hour last night), for i get to ride the train back tomorrow. i still have to collect my things.



so the internet is back up. thank god. it was down for my first two days here. it was horrible... i did the social thing. but in general, i don't ever want to leave. my room is so cute and tiny and mine. and manhattan is great. i love the cars and the buildings and the fast walking people. i'm so excited about my classes. we had our department orientation today, and he was talking about assignments and showing examples. i just sat there with like this goofy grin on my face. before this morning, i was sketchy about the department i had applied to, but now i know this is where i belong. its just this feeling you get, it sticks.

my room is on the fourteenth floor, and the elevator is slow, and i'm impatient. the library is awsome. its like a free movie rental place too. and they have comics =DDDD frank if you read this, they have the eva series.

i'm ordering a used copy of the eyes wide open book from amazon.com. apparently it is out of print.... excellent. but on saturday morning i'm coming home. i forgot shit. i need to pick up my printer cable and adapter, my seat pillow, my halloween costume, and my big tub of gesso. i also need to return some paper to pearl down there. definately glad the nets back up. i'm going to print out some comics and tape them to the front of my door. it'll be so cool. time to go get veggie food, when blake ever gets here. oh yea, i'm going by my middle name now.

talk about a choppy entry.


less burned out. 

five more days until i leave. so weird. i haven't really packed much either. i figure i need my clothes, which i'll pack last, and my computer, and required art supplies. my brushes are like my childrens (strong bad voice). i have to get rid of some wine bottle that is hidden in my closet from forever ago. it was horrible cheap white wine too. but, i can't leave that home, because if my parents decide that they want to go through my stuff.. well that would suck. i also have to decide if i want to keep or toss my xenedrine. i don't take it for dieting, but its the kind with ephedrine and caffine, so if i need a boost, its good stuff. i visited leo today and had some of his mothers baklavah (omg so great). i told him about my first attempt at smoking, and he was sad it wasn't with him. i told him maybe if he hadn't dropped his phone in a lake he could have been there.

um. i'm starting to really like counterstrike now. at first it was kinda like... i played because my friends went, and it was something to do. but i'm starting to get the feel of it, and i'm sad.... because as much as i love my computer, there is no mac counterstrike. and so, i'm going to miss it... and then i'll come back to play, and be worse than i am now.

i finished the penny arcade archives this morning. i hate finishing archives, because then you have to wait for updates. i do like looking at the style of comics now.. and when they first started. its neat to see how the artist progressed.

i'm going to keep this rant short, and go to pilates now. i'm seeing maya and mark tonight. we're going to have eggplant parmesean and... pumpkin pie. i made it this afternoon. R0X03Z.



so this is my first post. neat. i haven't posted in an online journal, since deadjournal. perhaps this won't have as much lag as dj did. so its like, two oclock, and i woke less than two hours ago. i fell asleep at like eight in the morning, and it was that sleep thats like... i'm asleep but i'm semi-conscious. so now i just feel well drawn out, for thats how i slept the night before. but i did a painting yesterday/this morning. its acrylic, i'm not so keen on acrylics, but i don't have time for the oil to dry before i leave. but i guess it's good that i just broke out and did a piece, because i've only done one other this summer and that was in july. anyway, i'm not sure i like it. i think i used too much black, and when i went crazy and started doing my anal-touches on it, the eye ended up looking more asian then caucasian. whatever, i'm gone in a week and it is just going to sit in my closet at home. i'm anxious about going to school. first off, i'm not really packed.. at all. i packed my vhs, dvds, and games. i put them in a black bin thing i got at the container store. there is room for three more dvds or games. unless i squish. i unno, i still have to decide what books, and pictures and letters i want to stick up. i'll write james once i get to school. it only took him a year to write me, he can wait another week or two. i don't know, that whole thing really makes me salty. but besides that, i'm also nervous about the classes. i've only taken two art classes before, and those were art2 (which was gah) and a class i took last summer at the corcoran. so i'm not yet a suave worker while others are around me. but besides that, i'm also excited to be like... not at my house. ok, think i'll pack all my art supply stuff today. i want to buy some more of that sticker picture film, and get some mug shots of people before i depart. i think later today, i'm going to go to that java fresh place, and get gellato. omg.. its the most amazing stuff ever.

here we go down that same old road again, empathy controls the wind that blows, and tickles our skin. a memory, a regret, a hope, a stimulant.

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